It’s not an exaggeration to say that physical therapy is a superpower modality when it comes to helping you heal from a traumatic injury, restoring mobility, and making you “fully operative” again. Treatments prove vital for many patients, and since there’s a rich variety of interventions within this arena of care, PT can alleviate equally diverse conditions.

Dr. Apurva Dalal provides the highest level of physical therapy services to his patients and has built a staff of physical therapists who possess advanced knowledge, extensive experience, and a warm approach to treating your pain.

What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy is a versatile realm of care that includes many types of treatments — customizable to any patient. Your physical therapist expertly assesses your pain and finds the root of it, whether it’s an injury or it emanates from a chronic condition. 

Physical therapy treatment relieves pain, but it also:

  • Improves mobility
  • Restores balance 
  • Enhances flexibility
  • Increases strength and endurance

Based on a physical exam, detailed knowledge of your medical history, and, if necessary, imaging test results, we create a care plan tailored to you and provide a variety of hands-on healing treatments. Your PT also educates you about exercises and practices you can do at home to support and maintain your healing. 

What conditions can physical therapy address? 

Your physical therapist can diagnose and treat many conditions that cause pain to your musculoskeletal system, which is expansive. You might be suffering from arthritis-related shoulder pain, recovering from a tendon injury as a result of sports activities, getting your strength back after surgery, or recuperating from a serious health emergency that greatly limited your mobility, such as a stroke. 

Physical therapy offers solutions to many problems that cause discomfort and diminished quality of life, and Dr. Dalal has prioritized offering these services in his practice. 

What healing techniques are used in physical therapy? 

Our Germantown office’s cutting edge physical therapy suite is equipped with the most advanced tools to hasten your healing. We offer numerous treatments that can be combined into a successful course of physical therapy, based on the treatment goals you determine with Dr. Dalal. 

We harness the natural healing powers of heat, cold, and water to ease your pain and increase  range of movement. Depending on your pain, we may also use massage therapy to bring you relief, as well as directed exercise that we facilitate in our office and that you can also practice at home.

Additionally, we employ sophisticated technology for pain relief, including ultrasound treatments and electrical stimulation PT treatment, or “e-stim.” 

Therapeutic ultrasound treatments send heat deep inside your body to where you’re injured.  The procedure isn’t unlike the ultrasounds that many are familiar with for pregnant women. These short treatments (usually less than 15 minutes) have been shown to speed up tissue healing. 

During treatment, your physical therapist applies gel to your treatment site and then positions the transducer (the handheld device that creates an image of your treatment area) so they can pinpoint where your treatment should be directed. 

Electrical stimulation is a type of PT we rely on frequently to address sports injuries — something we see a lot of here. During an e-stim treatment, your physical therapist places electrodes on your treatment area. They’re connected to the e-stim machine, which sends an electrical current to a muscle or muscle group. You feel tingling, but the treatment’s comfortable.

Depending on your problem, the current either causes your muscles to contract, or relaxes them if they are spasming. These sessions help with problems as varied as shoulder, knee, and foot pain, and bursitis, tendonitis, and back pain

We’re proud that we’re able to offer so many types of physical therapy treatment, and that we’re able to combine them in ways that address each patient’s issues ideally.

Call the Tri-State Orthopaedics office that’s most convenient to you to set up an appointment to discuss how physical therapy can help you, or book one online. Please note that we continue to offer telemedicine appointments for your convenience. To schedule one, the number is 901-333-2525.

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