You might be wondering what exactly MAKOplasty® is. Put simply, it’s a technologically advanced way to perform joint-replacement surgeries. 

MAKOplasty® uses a robotic arm to execute procedures. This innovative technology creates a less invasive, but highly successful alternative for hip and knee replacements. MAKOplasty® is an excellent option for patients who want less scarring and rapid recovery.

At Tri-State Orthopaedics, Dr. Apurva Dalal and our team are dedicated to providing you with the latest in orthopedic care. That’s why we’ve compiled this helpful guide so that you can decide if MAKOplasty® is the right procedure for your joint replacement.

How MAKOplasty® works

MAKOplasty® works in two steps. First, a robot helps with pre-surgical planning. It works by providing us with 3D images that precisely render your unique anatomy. This way, we can better plan the surgery and make sure the replacement joint is the right size and fitted into the right position.

Second, a robotic arm assists in the surgery. The robotic arm is programmed to ensure surgeons stay within the specified and predetermined dimensions. The system also provides auditory feedback to support resurfacing and positioning. This ensures accuracy and an overall successful operation.

The benefits of MAKOplasty®

According to The Cleveland Clinic, robotic surgery improves accuracy and precision. There’s also evidence that shows robotic surgery offers benefits and advantages over traditional operations.

This type of surgery even offers added benefits when it comes to recovery time. In comparison to traditional surgery, MAKOplasty® provides you with faster recovery

This means less downtime, pain, and follow-up care. In fact, you can usually go home the next day and may even be able to take your first steps in the hospital. It also means that pain management is easier and more manageable. 

Robotic surgery is also more customizable and personalized. Because of the 3D rendering, the procedure can be individually tailored to your body and anatomy.

Discover the benefits of MAKOplasty®

At Tri-State Orthopaedics, we want you to have the best results from your operation and the easiest recovery time possible. With MAKOplasty®, we can achieve this with ease. This technology lets us see real-time visuals to ensure the surgery is successful.

Are you looking for an effective operation for your total hip, total knee, or partial knee replacement? MAKOplasty® could be the right solution for you. Are you still not convinced? Schedule an appointment at one of our Tennessee offices so you can learn more about this game-changing procedure.

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