When thinking about having a partial knee replacement, do not let your age scare you away. Partial knee replacements are suitable for any age and are determined by the severity of the osteoarthritis present in the knee joint.  Have you been told by other orthopaedic surgeons that a total knee replacement is the only option? Dr. Dalal offers second opinion examinations. In many instances, a partial knee replacement is available and preferred!

Dr. Dalal is not a surgeon deadest on doing the standard or typical surgical procedure. Every case is customized to address the patient’s every concern. Through radiographs taken in office, it can be determined if a patient is a perfect candidate for partial knee replacement using MAKOplasty. A CT scan is then ordered to allow for research of exact sizing before the surgery and to confirm the original diagnosis. This CT is used to create a 3D model of the knee that is then used to design the implant specific to the patient’s anatomy and the layout of the surgical program.  After this, a surgical date is selected and a patient is on their way to a new partial knee.

Many of Dr. Dalal’s patients are benefiting every day from their decision to seek further medical opinions and explore innovative, cutting edge medical technology. MAKOplasty is successful in both young and older patients. You don’t have to compromise your activities of daily living because a doctor doesn’t want to give care specific to your needs! Make an appointment to see Dr. Dalal today and find out if additional services are available to you!

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